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    Liar Liar Pants On Fire: So uh, an introductory post eh? Hi, I’m Axel, I’m tall, I’m weird, I’m...


    So uh, an introductory post eh?

    Hi, I’m Axel, I’m tall, I’m weird, I’m an artist and sometimes writer.

    I like boys, I like girls, I like you for you.
    I like piercings.
    I like music.
    I like art.
    I like books.
    I like to cook.
    I like knickknacks.
    I like tattoos.

    I am a whimsical thinker with…

    Not with a polaroid and iPod you’re not, babe. Seriously? 


Hey, name's Roxas. Just your average college sophomore suffering from a bad case of retrograde amnesia since high school (for reasons I'd rather not divulge here). I'm currently studying darkroom photography with a minor in music theory. I used to skateboard a lot, but haven't been doing it too much lately (and nope- not the cause of my amnesia...two shots left, babe).
Things I never go without? My Nikon EM SLR camera, Sennheiser over ear black headphones (Mum swears I'm going to blow my ears out), my SanDisk mp3, and packet of Lifesavers.

Favorite bands are Filter (and inspiration for blog title- my top favorite song) and Tokio Hotel. Favorite photographer? Markus Hartel, currently.
Weird quirk/superpower?
Only thing I managed to hold onto was my freakish ability to name and point out every constellation in the sky, no matter the season.
Well, I'll prob be using this space to spam you all with photography and bitching about the state of the world which causes me to bang my head against the closest hard surface (nope, not the cause either- one left and you're probably gonna keep right on guessing, aren't you?).
Until next time.


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